China Water Affairs and Subsidiaries Won Three Awards in 2017 China Water Companies Awards Election
2018/4/11 ¤U¤È 09:54:14 tatyi

China Water Affairs Group Limited ("China Water" or "the Company", stock code: 00855.HK), as well as its wholly-owned

subsidiaries Gold Tact Environmental Investment (Shenzhen) Company Limited (¡§Gold Tact¡¨) and Shenzhen Datong Water Co.,

Ltd. (¡§Datong¡¨) won three awards in the "2017 China Water Industry Enterprise Awards" ceremony held during the 2018 (16th)

Water Industry Strategy Forum hosted by China¡¦s renowned E20 Environment Platform in Beijing On April 3, 2018.

China Water stood out among nearly one hundred competitive companies and won the ¡§2017 Listed Company with the Most

Investment Value¡¨ award for its excellent achievements and strong performance in the capital market since the Company was

enlisted in the first batch of shares in the Shenzhen-Hong Kong Stock Connect in December 2016.

Gold Tact was awarded the ¡§2017 Water Operating Company with the Highest Growth and Investment Potential¡¨ for its

successful integration of the waste water treatment projects of China Water, and its outstanding achievements in expanding

environmental protection business. Datong was also awarded the ¡§2017 Leading Water Company in Segment Industry and

Individual Capacity¡¨ for its remarkable performance in the operation and maintenance of municipal drainage networks.

The E20 Environment Platform hosts such award so as to establish the industry benchmarks, identify star companies, and reveal

industrial trends. The evaluation adheres to the principle of open, just and fair, and adopts a combination of online and

offline methods, highlighting judging features of multi-dimensions and judging panel of diversity. Since the first selection

in 2003, it has witnessed the development and reform of the water industry.

The three extinguish awards won by China Water were well deserved and within expectation. The 19th CPC National Congress had

pointed out the direction for the construction of ecological civilization and the development of environmental protection

industries, with which the strategic objectives of China Water hold in line with. Looking forward, opportunities and

challenges coexist. Based on the judgment and confidence in the water market, China Water will firmly implement its expansion

strategy, make the most of the mutual support of the water supply and environmental protection industries, and the synergy

effect of two-wheel drive to take the green and sustainable development path and strive for more brilliant performances.

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