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Group Background

China Water Affairs Group Limited is aleading professional, international, market-oriented and cross-regional waterservices operator in China and the only Hong Kong listed company focusing ontap water business. Headquartered in Hong Kong, it has operations managementcenters in Beijing and Shenzhen. The Group (including associate companies)mainly engages in urban water supply, pipeline direct drinking water, sewagetreatment and drainage and other related value-added services in MainlandChina. Its services cover more than 30 million people across 24 provinces, direct-administeredmunicipalities and autonomous regions. The Group has established a leadingposition as a full-service operator in China’s water affairs market. Itsmanagement comprises of veteran experts in the water industry with an insightinto government policies and services management. The Company’s shares wereincluded in the first batch of securities eligible for trading throughShenzhen-Hong Kong Stock Connect in 2016 and have been the constituent stock inthe FTSE Environmental Opportunities Asia Pacific Index since 2009.

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