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CWG Receives the “Best Infrastructure and Public Utilities Stock Company Award”

at the 2019 Golden Hong Kong Stocks Awards Presentation Ceremony

(9 January 2020, Hong Kong) China Water Affairs Group Limited(“China Water Affairs” or the “Company”; stock code: 00855.HK), a leading integrated water services operator in China, is pleased to announce that the Company was presented with the “Best Infrastructure and Public Utilities Stock Company Award” at the 2019 Golden Hong Kong Stocks Awards Presentation Ceremony held today, demonstrating the Company’s outstanding performance in infrastructure and public utilities.

The “2019 Golden Hong Kong Stocks” Awards Presentation Ceremony was co-organized by Zhitong Caijing and Tonghuashun. Returning for its fourth year, Golden Hong Kong Stocks Awards attracts attention from a large number of investors and has provided the benchmarks for investors to select the most valuable Hong Kong stocks with the greatest growth potential in the year. The professional judging panel is composed of representatives from the Chinese Securities Association of Hong Kong, a number of economists, members from established Hong Kong securities firms and top-tier players in investment industry. The panel evaluated the candidates’ performance over the past year and gave weighted ratings to them in accordance to a number of indicators, including their financial performance, stock price movements, stock turnover rates, fulfilment of social responsibilities and disclosure compliance.
Mr. Duan Chuan Liang, Chairman of China Water Affairs, said, “In order to keep pace with the sound and rapid development of national urbanization and to meet the urgent needs to upgrade and expand the capacity of water infrastructure, the Company will adhere to the long-term development strategy of urban-rural water supply integration and supply-drainage integration. With the further deepening of government investment and financing system reform, the respective roles of government investments and social capital investment in the field of public service infrastructure have become clearer. With the increasing government support to private enterprises’ participation in public services, the Company is in a better position to invest in more market-oriented water projects and steadily improve the return of such projects.”
Caption: China Water Affairs received the “Best Infrastructure and
Public Utilities Stock Company Award”
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About China Water Affairs Group Limited
China Water Affairs Group Limited is principally engaged in city water supply, sewage treatment and drainage and related value-added businesses in the PRC. Currently, the Group (including affiliated company)’s businesses spread across over 110 cities, including 3 municipalities of Beijing, Tianjin and Chongqing, and those in 20 provinces such as Guangdong, Jiangxi, Henan, Shandong, Jiangsu and Hubei. With a well-established cooperative relationship with various local government authorities, the Group has positioned itself in a leading position in China’s water industry.
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